Solo exhibition Gallery De Twee Pauwen

Solo Exhibition | Gallery de Twee Pauwen in The Hague, Margot Homan Sculptures | Victor Muller paintings | Bas Meeuws photography, opening March 12, 2023...
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titan margot homanporseleine transparantie
Solo Exhibition | Gallery de Twee Pauwen
Margot Homan Sculptures | Victor Muller paintings | Bas Meeuws photography

After a difficult time I’m happy to announce a new exhibition. I consider myself lucky that art and creating it has a healing effect on me. An exhibition presents new sculptures, but also show previously made work.

The beauty of art is that it doesn’t have to be made yesterday to move you and the wonderful thing is that you can be enriched and surprised again and again through the layering of the sculpture and through your own experience.

New is the linden wood sculpture “Sonata” and two bronze sculptures “Selfconvidence” and “Abbraccio (embrace)” and a series of porcelain sculptures called “Porcelain Transparency” in which the translucency of the shard and the negative form play part.

The opening will take place on Sunday, March 12 at 4 p.m.

Galerie de Twee Pauwen
Oranjestraat 1
2514 JB Den Haag The Netherlands

Opening hours
Wednesday to Saturday 12:00pm–5:30pm
Sunday 13:00pm – 5:30pm

TV show “BinnensteBuiten”
I received many positive and loving reactions to the broadcast of the television program BinnensteBuiten of the KRO-NCRV, for which I thank you very much! Below is a link to the recording.

Video BinnensteBuiten.

selfconvidenceSonate lindenhoutSonate lindenhout