Lecture on ‘Classical Art through the ages’

Q&A Margot Homan by art historian Karin van der Beek, Thursday December 18 at Morren Galleries!...
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Q&A Margot Homan

by art historian Karin van der Beek, Thursday December 18 at Morren Galleries!

Artists, art, artwork, what does it mean? Art has adopted over the centuries many different “faces”, and was compelling, amazing, spectacular, impressive, shocking, controversial, you name it. For the spectator art is not always easy to understand, because the work – whether it’s a painting, a sculpture or a photograph – carries the inner message of the creator. And that message is as diverse as humanity itself.

However, there may even be spoken in the art of a certain standard and that standard is called classical. The term is derived from the classical period of classicism, a movement that developed about 500 years before Christ. The start of a period in which for the first time in the history of art by artists attempted to mimic the human body anatomical as lifelike as possible after, giving nature as faithfully as possible. Beauty was the guiding principles and sublimating reality rampant. Even in contemporary art style is classic and still as a rock. Actually, this movement never went away, at most ‘met’ the one period to the then prevailing conceptions of art. But the pursuit of the highest, the cleanest, the sublime has so far proved invincible.

In a reading of an hour, the brief history of classical art to be treated. Why this art originated, when and why classic in some periods almost was not, ultimately always return again.

After the lecture there will be a Q & amp; A follow with the sculptor Margot Homan, and an additional explanation will be given to the work of photographer Richard Cooper. Attention will also be for the paintings and drawings by Giovanni Tomassi Ferroni. This lecture is related to the exhibition “Contemporary Classic” which can be seen from 29 November to January 25th.

Location: Morren Galleries, Prinsengracht 572 Amsterdam
Time: December 18, 2014, at 19:00 (FREE!)
Speaker: Karin van der Beek (reading), Margot Homan (Q & amp; A)
Sign up: karin@morrengalleries.nl or +31(0)6 22247195